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Poynton Village is a lovely setting for getting some food to eat. We have intentionally left the lunch break open so that you can get some food with friends if you so wish too!

There are many options of places to eat that suit all kinds of budgets and tastes. Everywhere is within a few minutes walking distance of the venue.

There are a couple of supermarkets and bakeries if you would like to buy something to bring back and eat with us at the venue. Or, if you would like to eat out – why don’t you book a table in advance?

These eateries are offering discounts exclusively for Our Evoke Her Beauty Conference:

10% Discount at Fire and Ice Cafe
01625 850347
Across the road from the venue.

12% Discount at Soho Deli
01625 873021
Next door to the venue.

15% Discount at Poynton Picnic Basket
01625 858889
A couple of minutes walk.

All of these cafes have sit in and take away options. You can preorder your lunch ready to pick up or book a table.